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  • Leadership is Learnable!

    Where are you in your journey of managing and leading?

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    Does any of the following describe you?

    • Are you a new manager struggling to figure out your own style?
    • Are you managing a remote team and wondering how to keep up team member motivation and engagement?
    • Do you notice others who seem to have this management “thing” figured out, but for you it just seems like this winding road with multiple surprises around every corner?
    • Do you have a strong desire to be an effective and confident leader that people respond to, but don’t know where to start?
    • Have you been on the receiving end of less than great management and leadership and want to make sure you avoid those pitfalls, but aren’t sure how to go about it?
    • Do you fear that in order to be an effective leader, you have to stop being you?

    If any of these resonates with you, I’ve got some good news: you’re in the right place!​

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      Is this where you’d rather be?

      • Moving through your day confident about how you are showing up as a boss and as a leader, whether virtually or in person
      • Recognizing your own strengths so that you utilize them in a powerful way
      • Knowing and managing your non-strength areas
      • Understanding and integrating the building blocks of effective management and leadership
      • Mastering effective mindsets and habits that will serve both you and those you manage and lead
      • Receiving support from someone who’s been there and done that
      • Fully stepping into your own confident style that you will continue to grow over your lifetime
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      Schedule Your Free Confident Leader Consultation

      I invite you to schedule a one-hour private consultation with me over the phone. During this confidential conversation, you will:

      • Create a sense of clarity about the kind of boss/manager/leader you really want to be
      • Determine the primary things stopping you from showing up consistently in this way
      • Identify the most important actions that will move you toward the kind of management that really works for you
      • Complete the consultation knowing what to do next to be the boss you know you are wanting to be
    • Working with Alan

      I guide my clients through a program I’ve developed based on years of observing what works and what doesn’t to create and sustain effective people-centered management and leadership. Some of the topics you will learn about and integrate:

      • Being clear on the kind of boss you want to be and how to know when you’re on course
      • Creating strong relationships with team members (caring about the people who work for you is key)
      • Communicating effectively with your team, your peers and those you report to
      • Avoiding the all-too-common pitfalls that can trip you up as a leader

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      Confident Leadership

      Your 90-day foundation program

      Are you a professional who has recently been asked to step into a manager/leadership role, but you are somewhat (or very!) new to the idea of you as a boss? Do you have a deep desire to be effective in your role, but aren’t sure where to begin or whom to ask? Do you want to build a strong foundation that will help prepare you for future additional leadership positions?


      Maybe you're leading a team in which some folks (if not all) are working from home, and you're unsure about best practices.


      Or maybe you’ve been leading for a while now, but more by the “seat of your pants” than anything else, and you’d welcome some structure and support for more fully stepping into your own confident management style. You know you’re ready to really step up and into a version of leadership that you feel really good about.



    • Receive My Free Report

      Receive your FREE report on The 3 C's of People-First Leadership, a brief guide to being the kind of effective and confident leader you want to be, with practical tips you can use right away! Simply message me through the Contact Page (click the button just below) and mention the free report. You will NOT be placed on any mailing list.

    • Get to Know Alan

      Why I care about leadership....

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      Over the course of over 2 decades, I’ve had the privilege of working in and leading teams of talented people in such areas as 1:1 coaching, customer support, product documentation, end-user software training, product management and data conversion, and have played significant roles at both managerial and director levels. I’ve worked for banks, mortgage banks, and a variety of software companies, as well as for a coaching organization, providing 1:1 coaching and leading the delivery of their flagship coaching program for entrepreneurs and new leaders.


      These experiences have allowed me to witness firsthand both good and terrible management and leadership and I’ve seen the incredibly positive impact that doing those things effectively can have, and the hugely negative impact that doing them poorly brings. I’ve been astonished to watch as previously high performing and loyal star players turned into minimally productive resentful clock-watchers, due not so much to WHAT was happening, but HOW it was happening and HOW they perceived they were being treated; i.e., the victims of poor leadership.

      As a result, I’ve developed a structured way of thinking about what constitutes effective management and leadership, and I feel strongly called to share it. While I definitely do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” model, I do take a stand that certain elements need to be present in order for managers and leaders to be effective and to actually enjoy the process. And the good news is that these elements are learnable.


      Today, I’m excited to be able to work directly with people-oriented leaders—especially newer ones—who are yearning to bring their own brand of confident management and leadership to whatever organization (of whatever size) they are choosing to make a contribution to.


      And a bit more about me in case you’re interested…in addition to my direct experiences mentioned above, I also bring undergraduate and graduate degrees in business management, as well as a coaching certification from the Co-Active Training Institute (formerly the Coaches Training Institute). I’ve been coaching full time since 2004 and love what I do.


      Which brings us to you. What kind of a boss are you wanting to be? 


      Schedule your free Confident Leader consultation here and let's find out.

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      My Crucible Leadership Moment....

      It was the early 1990’s and I was happily working away minding my own business at a job that I really enjoyed. I didn’t think much about leadership and didn’t have to, since no one reported to me and I had an excellent professional and personal relationship with my boss. Part of my enjoyment of my work environment was that the organization had around 200 people, so it was big enough to feel like you were part of something substantial, yet small enough that you could feel as if you knew most everyone and were connected to them.


      Then, what I came to call The Troubles began...>>READ ENTIRE POST >>

    • Leadership Matters

      Thoughts, musings, rants and ruminations--all intended to help you lead better.

    • Schedule Your Free "Confident Leader" Consultation with Alan Roby


      I've developed an effective 1:1 conversation in which the following is designed to happen:

      • Create a sense of clarity about the kind of boss you really want to be
      • Determine the #1 thing stopping you from showing up consistently in this way
      • Identify the most important actions that will allow you to step into the kind of leadership that really works for you
      • If it seems that we're a good fit for working together, we can talk about how that works. If we're not, my intention will be to have a good next step for you. 

      This consultation is a great fit for you if:

      • You are a people-oriented person who is fairly new to being a manager/leader (brand new is fine, too) OR you've been managing for awhile and you're ready to up your game! 
      • You are serious about figuring out what your version of confident leadership looks like and then taking guided steps to develop it
      • You'd welcome some guidance so you can avoid the pitfalls and get there faster

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