• What Alan's Clients Have to Say

    Here's what a few of my clients have to share about working with me...


    Over the last 12 months, I have had the privilege of being Alan's client. My journey has varied over the course of our time together, and I was consistently surprised and deeply appreciative of how Alan could pivot WITH me and my unique scenarios no matter what was going on or seeming to hold me back.


    As a leader, your first role is to lead yourself. Yet, growth and progress does not happen in a vacuum. Every leader needs a leader to walk with, and having Alan in my corner, walking WITH and guiding me has helped me to grow into my leadership and better guide those I'm walking WITH. He was able to guide me when I was on FIRE and when I felt like I had been burned to a crisp. It didn't matter how I showed up to our sessions as long as I showed up. He didn't judge me, ever. It was always about how my experience was serving me at my highest level, and how it was serving those I support. I'm so deeply grateful to have someone believing in me powerfully and helping me become a stronger human and leader.

    -Kenni-Richelle King


    I enjoyed every minute of my work with Alan. He’s extremely well-suited to what he does. He’s smart, warm, insightful, unfailingly positive, and really does care about his clients’ success. I’m very creative by nature, and I often find it hard to focus or prioritize; I’m also susceptible to stressing over details — or just in general. During the period we worked together, Alan kept me grounded, on track and moving towards the big picture. He draws from a wealth of firsthand knowledge — both deep and broad. I feel that the gains I made would not have been possible without our coaching sessions. Thanks to his expertise, I’m fully confident in the decisions I am now making for my business. I recommend him without hesitation.

    -Ali Amato



    Alan Roby is one of those rare coaches you want to work with. I am SO lucky to have found this gem of a man who’s a warm, wonderful person and unfailingly generous with sharing his resources and his time. I especially value his direct style of communication, which is right on target and keeps me moving in the right direction. Alan is not only brilliant at developing my ability to look at my business with both a telescopic and a microscopic lens, but he’s also highly intuitive, smart, and laser focused in his approach to getting the results I'm after.

    -Helen Castillo, HelenCastilloOnline.com



    Working with Alan was the single best investment I ever made in my business. He helped me step into being the leader of my company, instead of always looking for the next advisor, guru, or program in hopes of finding “the formula” for success. He helped me trust myself and take ownership of my success and failures, while still offering generous support, encouragement, and resources to help me get results faster. I had worked with lots of different coaches and done dozens of programs before but never been connected to my own confidence and resourcefulness like this. I got exactly what I needed from every call, going from "dabbling mode" to high impact action and feeling amazing. Experienced, generous, infinitely positive, delightfully creative, and with a fantastic sense of humor - I couldn’t say enough good things about Alan. Thank you Alan for an incredible year. I look forward to working with you again in the future.​

    -Johanna Martinez


    I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Alan Roby for his professional, yet personal style of coaching. I've received his coaching support for the past year, and have definitively experienced an up-level beyond what I thought was possible.


    It's been a year of much growth, and it occurred in spite of the pandemic, & craziness going on in the world. I've gained a strong belief in the value of what I offer, as well as, what I CAN really do! If I can do all this in the middle of a pandemic & a world going crazy...then I know I'll be able to do it when the world stabilizes!


    Alan was present for all of it, and his coaching guidance was invaluable. I'm going to miss my 1:1 check-in’s with him.



    Alan's practical and calm approach make the process of facing challenges go more smoothly. He is always conscious of what is important to me and the priorities I have set for myself, and our sessions keep me on track with my goals. I am certain that I would not be nearly as far along the road to realizing my dreams if not for Alan's insight and encouragement.



    I am astounded about the progress I am making. I am pursuing the path I chose with clarity, excitement and resonance. Alan never holds me small and thereby empowers me. Not only is he an outstanding coach, but he also has great materials to share. His exercises are fun and thought-provoking and he has great recommendations when it comes to books and other resources. He is fun, sharp and very intuitive.



    I've been working with Alan Roby for over 7 months now and I've been extremely happy with the results. Alan has an amazing ability to lift my spirit and steer me in the right direction in both corporate and personal life. I attribute the progress I have been able to make to his dedication and patience.



    I just wanted to write and tell you what a great help you have been to me and my companies. When you started coaching me, I had many ideas and aspirations but I did not have a clear plan of execution. Our coaching sessions helped me to organize my thoughts and lay out a plan for success. The best way I could describe it would be to tell you to imagine what it feels like when you slide the last piece of a 2000-piece puzzle into place…suddenly everything is clear.

    I know this was just one puzzle of the many that I will need to confront, but thank you for your insights, your encouragement, and your well-placed questions that helped me get here.



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