• Confident Boss 90-Day Foundation Program

    Are you a professional who has recently been asked to step into a manager/leadership role, yet you are somewhat (or very) new to the notion of you as a leader? Do you have a deep desire to be an effective leader, but aren’t sure where to begin or whom to ask?

    Do you panic at the thought of being the boss and having to "deal with people" as their boss?


    Maybe you're leading a team in which everyone is now working from home, and you're unsure about best practices, as well as how you can be a strong leader in uncertain times (you're in very good company!).


    Perhaps you’ve been leading for a while now, but more by the “seat of your pants” than anything, and you’d welcome some structure and support for more fully stepping into your own confident leadership.


    If any of this describes you, help is available right now.



    As a result of completing the Confident Boss Foundation program, you will:

    • Understand the building blocks of effective people-centered leadership, regardless of whether you and your team are in-person, remote, or a combination of the two
    • Create a clear and compelling picture of what YOUR brand of confident leadership looks like; i.e., get clear about the kind of boss you really want to be
    • Understand the strengths you already have that you can integrate into your leadership style
    • Learn practical strategies and mindsets for growing and sustaining your management and leadership
    • Have an effective road map that provides a practical structure for implementing your own unique style, putting the “3 C’s of Leadership” (Alan’s signature system) to work for you
    • Be inspired as you realize you are stepping into being the confident leader you have wanted to be

    Program Features

    • One 90-minute Lay the Cornerstone Foundation Call: on this kick-off call, we will lay the foundation for your leadership success by diving into the results of some exercises and assessments that you will have already done.  You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of both what you want and what you already have to utilize, as well as powerful & practical next steps.
    • Two private 40-minute "Rock Your Leadership" coaching calls per month:  during these calls, you will learn the 3 C’s concepts, see practical examples, and we’ll discuss ways that you can begin experimenting with and implementing each one. 
    • Focused, Content-rich Worksheets for each of the 3 main pillars, to support your learning and integration:  these targeted worksheets will help you grasp the concepts quickly, see real-world examples, and guide you to integrate them into your own experience
    • One 15-minute "Just In Time" Call per month:  for those times when you could use some feedback or support on a targeted question or situation (scheduled as needed)
    • Email access to Alan between coaching calls for sharing wins, getting quick feedback, etc.

    Your Investment:

    • $1447 Paid in Full (10% savings over the payment plan) OR
    • $600 initial deposit and 2 payments of $497
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